Vacation Fitness – Biking, Swimming, Yoga, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

3 Comments 22 July 2010

Vacation Fitness – Biking, Swimming, Yoga, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding

I am thoroughly enjoying vacation.

Walks on the beach.

Time with my best friend.

Watching dolphins from our deck.

Time to rest, and time for fitness fun.

When I call my group fitness buddies and ask them to teach my spin and sculpting classes for a week while I’m on vacation, I breathe a sigh of relief when I finally have the classes covered.  It’s hard to find instructors that you trust to take care of your people, so I’m always thankful when every class will be subbed by high-quality instructors.  But I’m also thankful, because my body needs a week off.  When you attend group fitness classes, you have the choice of whether or not to show up.  When you teach the classes, there is no choice.  Headache?  Time to teach.  Too busy?  Take a break and teach.  Sore?  Oh well, time to lead rounds of squats and lunges.  Thankfully, I love what I do.  But everyone needs a week off.

Of course, this summer, there really isn’t an off week since we’re training for the triathlon.  But without classes to teach, the body will get some downtime.  In theory anyway.

Yesterday, we experienced the joys and the utter frustration of biking on an island.  We rode 23. 5 miles.  The first 11.5 were spent riding into the wind with cramping hamstrings and glutes at a measly 10 miles per hour!  It was a miserable ride on a narrow, bumpy shoulder.  I couldn’t feel my hands because of the vibrations, I was dehydrated because I was too freaked out to reach down and grab my bottle, which I even dropped once, and every aching pedal stroke seemed to get me nowhere.  We were supposed to go further, but after 11.5, I hollered up to the Husband to stop so I could stretch my seizing legs.  Not a fun ride at all.

As soon as we turned around and had the wind at our backs, we were flying!  Suddenly we were cruising along at 22 mph, making it back to our town in record time.

We biked to a lap pool next, which didn’t open until later in the morning.  That is why we opted to bike before our swim.  I’ve always told the Husband that I wished that the swimming portion of the triathlon was last.  Then I could just float to the finish line after the hard work of biking and running.  He said that people would drown if they swam last.  I never believed him until yesterday.

Swimming after biking 23.5 miles was miserable!  I swam my mile, but it took about 20 laps for my arms to feel like they weren’t made of lead.

Today was not a triathlon training day.  So, what would you do on your “off day”?

Mine started with a leisurely walk along the beach…

…on my way to a beach yoga class.

Yoga poolside with a view of the ocean was a delightful way to start the day,

especially because I was rather stiff from that nasty bike ride.

Then the Husband convinced me to join him in a stand up paddle boarding class.  The Husband loves to surf.  I love to watch.  The Husband grew up on a skateboard.  I was the klutziest girl in elementary school.  The Husband loves being in the ocean.  I’m scared of being eaten by the creatures who live in the ocean.  So it took a bit of convincing.

But I did it!  I stood on that paddle board, learned how to balance, fought the current, and maneuvered that board around the sound!  You would not believe the core, shoulder, and back workout that you get from digging that paddle into the water.

As I watched the crabs and fish swim under my board, I had extra incentive to stay as balanced as possible.  I was NOT going to fall off my board and have my toes nibbled!

And now we rest.  A little nap time.  A little blogging.  A little book reading on the deck.

A walk on the beach to see crabs after dinner.

Happy vacation.

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  1. Aunt Pat says:

    So, how can you simulate paddle boarding in your classes…I’m sure your mind has already been working on that…maybe some one-legged Bosu? ..could turn out to have been a ‘business trip’ :-) !!!


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