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A Matter of Taste

9 Comments 09 January 2011

A Matter of Taste

I’ve been dreaming of having a gluten-free restaurant in Nashville ever since we discovered Posana Cafe in Asheville, North Carolina last summer.  Of course, it doesn’t take much to convince me to roadtrip for a great Posana meal or two, but it isn’t exactly convenient.  Imagine walking into a restaurant, right here in Nashville, and knowing that everything you ordered would gluten free.  You wouldn’t even have to ask.  A dream!

And now it’s a dream come true!

I love this new lunch spot.  I enjoyed three tasty lunches, both as takeout and in the restaurant, over my Christmas vacation.  I first heard about A Matter of Taste from April of The GF Goodlife, when she posted the news of its existence.  (It was so much fun to actually meet April there for lunch too!)  Just down the road from FiddleCakes, A Matter of Taste now provides the lunch crowd with a new option for gluten-free sandwiches and so much more.

Kellie, the owner, has a gluten allergy herself, so she has made it her goal to provide great tasting, healthy food that’s safe for those requiring a gluten-free diet.

A Matter of Taste is a great little place to hang out with a friend or two over lunch or a gluten-free treat.  The space is small with only three tables, but the artsy decor has a relaxing feel that makes the little room a cozy reprieve from the busy streets.

Need a little lift for your spirit?  You’ll find encouraging words wherever you look.

From the books on the tables to the words on the walls.

But I know what you really want to know.

How’s the food?

The Husband made it to A Matter of Taste before I did, but he was sweet enough to bring a sandwich home for me.  It wasn’t just any sandwich, it was the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever had filled with turkey, sliced granny smith apples, melted brie, and honey mustard.  And since the Husband ordered it for take out, they wrapped all of the parts separately with specific instructions about how to heat it in the toaster oven.

Now this is a sandwich!

And the gluten-free breads are made right on the premises!  (Yes, I said breads, plural.  I’ve had their Rosemary with Cracked Pepper and Rosemary Chia Seed breads which are both incredible.)  If you happen to be lunching with someone who is afraid of food with a gluten-free label, they need to try these breads.  But if they won’t budge, A Matter of Taste does offer glutenous bread for those who aren’t brave enough to try it!  But these breads are brought in and not made in the kitchen, alleviating concern about cross-contamination.

At first, any gluten-intolerant eater will be blown away by the delicious bread of the sandwich, but once they recover from the shock of eating gourmet, gluten-free bread that holds together, they’ll be struck with the quality of the ingredients inside the sandwich.  Their turkey is oh-my-gosh amazing, reminiscent of  your annual Thanksgiving midnight snack sandwich.  I love that Kellie uses high quality meats and farm-fresh, locally-grown produce.  One bite and you’ll taste the quality.

And what’s the soup of the day?  Kellie is always willing to give you a taste, but I’ve learned not to bother.  Every soup I’ve had is truly amazing.  I trust her.

The Squash Bisque was the best squash soup I’ve ever had.

And the Husband brought home the Tomato Bisque…oh my.

And as if you could have room for dessert after sandwiches like the Mediterranean Vegetarian with eggplant, roasted red pepper, sun dried tomato, freshly made pesto, and feta cheese…

Or a basic turkey and cheese, which is anything but basic…

There are all sorts of gluten-free goodies to try.

I highly recommend their deliciously refreshing fruit tea made with pineapple juice, tea, orange juice, and agave nectar.

A Matter of Taste is located at Franklin Road across from Thoroughbread Motors, and they’re open Monday through Friday from 11-4.

You must stop in for a bite.  I guarantee it will be your best lunch of the week.

Hurray for A Matter of Taste!

Hurray for Nashville!

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9 Comments so far

  1. Amanda says:

    I agree with the review of A Matter of Taste. As someone who doesn’t have a gluten allergy, I can’t help but try to live gluten free as long as this restaurant is around. It’s fresh and light Everything is more than amazing!

    • Heather says:

      And YOU are the perfect taste tester! I love it when my recipes pass the taste test of my gluten-eating friends. Glad you’re a fan of A Matter of Taste too!

  2. janice doochin says:

    this place is amazing! I’m all about gluten free food and this place is all over it!thanks kelley for creating this place.

  3. Erica says:

    This place looks like a gluten-free dream! I wish we had some place with amazing GF breads like this in NYC. I even tweeted them about possibly being able to ship the breads here! Yum!

  4. laxsupermom says:

    I’m so jealous! To be able to bring my family to a restaurant and know that nothing is contaminated would be a dream. Everything looks amazing! Hopefully something like it will open up near me soon.

    • Heather says:

      I’m so thankful to have A Matter of Taste close by. I’m so proud of my little city for finally responding to the gluten-intolerant diners. It used to be that finding a gluten-free menu was a rarity. Now they’re popping up everywhere. I don’t think it will be long before gluten-free restaurants will be more readily available. Here’s hoping, right?

  5. Thanks everyone for the super sweet comments!! I am so happy to hear everyone likes my place. It was definetly a leap of faith and many people didn’t understand why I would “limit myself”, of course they don’t have to eat gluten free:) Thanks Heather for all of your kind words and great photos. I’m putting them on the facebook page!!

    • Heather says:

      We all thank YOU, Kellie, for taking that leap of faith! Blessings on your business. We’ll keep spreading the word as there are so many out here who will fall in love with your adorable cafe and your gluten-free lunches!

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