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Are You Coming to the Expo?

6 Comments 21 March 2011

In just over a month I will be in Chicago with my mother.  We’ve met in Chicago before for shopping trips.

(You thought I meant clothing shopping trips, but I mean gluten-free shopping trips, of course.)

But this time we won’t have to traipse around Chicago and all of its suburbs to experience all that’s new in the gluten-free world. All of the gluten-free goodness will be located in one place.  The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo!

I first got to know Jen Cafferty, the originator and director of GFAF, through her blog called Gluten Free Life with Jen. Her site is packed with resources and recipes galore.  But when I had questions about which track to sign up for at the Expo, my mom suggested that I call or email Jen.

WHAT?  Call or email a celebrity?  (Just look at her bio and you’ll understand my fandom.)

Mom had met Jen at last year’s Expo and assured me that she was “down to earth” and would be happy to help.  I was amazed that one of my favorite bloggers had time to manage such a huge event as well as answer my silly questions about the Expo via email!  Not only did she answer my questions, but she answered them within the hour.  With that kind of attention to detail, I know this is going to be an amazing event.

Another one of my favorite bloggers, Shirley of Gluten Free Easily, will be a presenter at the Expo!  (One of my questions to Jen actually had to do with Shirley.  Help!  I have to meet Shirley!  If I sign up for the “Beyond Basics” Track, how am I going to meet Shirley who’s teaching in the “Essentials” Track? Poor Jen.)   This morning I awoke to Shirley’s tantalizing post about all of the gluten-free goodness that we will be experiencing at GFAF.  And now I just can’t stop thinking about it!  Please read her post for all of the delicious details.  I’ve almost committed it to memory!

For three whole days, April 29-May 1, Mom and I will be taking cooking classes, sampling products, eating delicious gluten-free meals, and buying the newest cookbooks from our favorite authors…I said FROM them, not from Amazon.  (I’m swooning!)  AND we’ve signed up for a special bread baking session on Friday with Carol Fenster, author of numerous gluten free cooking and baking books. You all know how I desperately need to learn about the nuances of gluten-free bread making.  I think this three-hour class just might be the perfect cure for my Ooey Gooey Zucchini Bread.

And my Christmas Strawberry Bread woes.

If you remember, I finally did get it right, but I may never know why.  Guess and check is such a frustrating experience for a busy girl!

Carol, please fix me!

This year Nashville’s Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon is the same weekend as The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo.  I haven’t missed this race once since my first year as a runner.  So, I’m a little sad not to be a part of the event this year.  Okay, I’m not just a little sad.  It’s killing me!  I’ve been especially jealous as the weather has warmed and I’ve watched the streets of our city become more congested with runners.  This event is a big deal in our city.

But meeting my favorite gluten-free bloggers and authors, learning more about gluten-free products, fine-tuning my gluten-free cooking techniques, and spending a weekend with Mom doing something we both love will be worth missing the race.  And I promise, I’ll share everything I learn right here at Gluten-Free Cat.

So, will I see you at The Expo?  What goodness are you hoping to experience there?



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  1. Me!! I will be there! I cannot wait! It is going to be such an awesome weekend! So excited that I will meet you, too! How fun that you and your mom are going to have a girl’s weekend there!! 😉

    • Heather says:

      Fantastic! Can’t wait to meet you! I just love your blog. It’s going to be like a game of concentration to match faces with the blog themes in my mind!

  2. Hi Heather,

    I’m so glad you are totally excited about the Expo now because of my latest post! I’m tickled that you were the one who asked to skip out of your session momentarily to meet me. Jen had mentioned a person asking her to do that, but I didn’t know who. That’s just so sweet! Love that I’ll get to meet you and your mom … how much fun will this Expo be??!! I can’t even imagine … not long to wait now. 😉

    Thanks so much for sharing all! Hugs,

  3. Deanna says:

    I’ll be there Friday night and Saturday morning. Perhaps I’ll see you around!

    • Heather says:

      Great! I look forward to meeting you! I’m overwhelmed by how many people I “talk” to throughout the week are going to be at the Expo. It’s going to be a great weekend!

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