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Raw Sweet Potato Soup and Chips Revisited

4 Comments 26 April 2011

Raw Sweet Potato Soup and Chips Revisited

April in the Raw has been such an inspiring event.  If I had tried to go raw on my own I would have quit after day one.  But with the support of my blogging friends, I’ve been able to learn more than I ever thought possible, and I’ve had 27 days of really interesting food experiences.  I’ve also collected over 20 different raw recipes that I’ve either tried or will be trying in the weeks to come.  With recipes like these, can you blame me?

As my last raw week was approaching, I had one final weekend to experiment, prep food for the coming work week, and see if I could fix some of my raw flops.

One big flop that I fixed was my Sweet Potato Chips.  If you remember, without the proper tools and patience, my chips were more like chunks than chips.

But after using a mandolin slicer (aka V-slicer), I followed Aubree Cherie’s recipe and directions and came out with a batch that not only tasted delicious but had such cute curling around the edges.  (And don’t we all want to eat food that’s cute?)

Now look at those adorable sweet potato chips!

I love sweet potatoes, but I usually bake, roast, or simmer them in a soup.  Since I’m not cooking right now I was a little worried about what I would do with the pounds of sweet potatoes from the latest CSA delivery.  Pounds of sweet potato chips was probably not the best choice!  So I was thrilled to see that Aubree Cherie’s submission to April in the Raw involved sweet potatoes.  She created a raw Sweet Potato Cashew Cream Soup that looked amazing.  I was a little hesitant to put my Vitamix to the test and puree raw sweet potatoes.  But apparently I had nothing to fear.

Just look at that gorgeous color!  And imagine the nutrients that go along with such vibrant color!

After adding the cashews and the rest of Aubree’s ingredients, the soup looked like this.

And it was even slightly warm from the heat of the Vitamix motor.  Mmmmmm.  I miss warm soup.

Creamy, delicious, and wonderfully satisfying.  Thanks, Aubree, for your inspiring recipe! Head on over to Living Free for all of the scrumptious ingredients and directions for making this simple, nutritious soup.

I have three more raw days to go and so much more to share with you.  With soup like this, I’m missing cooked food less and less.  Have I turned into a raw foodie?  You’ll have to wait and see.

Many of you have had your own raw adventures this month.  Will you share your favorite ones with us?

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  1. Wow Heather – both these recipes seemed to turn out great for you! I’m so flattered that you found them interesting enough to make :) And I’m super glad you like them – sometimes I wonder if what I like to make is weird… :)

    The chips look beautiful this time around too – awesome!

    Thanks, ~Aubree

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for posting this! I have been scouring the interwebs for a video on pureeing raw sweet potatoes (didn’t find) but I feel confidant in doing it now since you’ve done it in your Vitamix. Hoping to dehydrate with some other ingredients for a homemade raw dog treat. :)

  3. Jennifer Mullet says:

    Thanks for this; making it tonight. And since I bought way too many sweet potatoes and have a dehydrator, I will try the chips, too!

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