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Morning in New York and Bloom’s Delicatessen

15 Comments 01 June 2011

Morning in New York and Bloom’s Delicatessen

Waking up on a Saturday morning in New York City is a unique feeling.

At home I wake up at 5:10am, even on a Saturday.  In New York it’s 9:30 or 10:00.

I usually awaken to chirping birds or meowing cats.  In New York it’s banging metal, honking horns, and maid service vacuuming the hallway.

At home I quietly ease into my day.  In New York the day hits me with a pulsing energy.

Normally I make a French press or hit Starbuck’s.  In New York, well, yeah.  We still hit Starbucks.

I usually have a smoothie, oatmeal, or quinoa for breakfast.  I’d never dream of starting my day at a greasy diner.  But that’s at home.  Last Saturday I was in New York City, and I knew that Bloom’s Delicatessen, complete with gluten-free menu, was just around the corner.

Diner coffee

We sipped quietly, observed, and listened.  We were surrounded by the most beautiful faces and accents from all over the world.

I love watching what other people choose to eat.  The best breakfast I saw was a lady’s cheesecake and coffee.

Bold, elegant, and utterly brilliant.

With a gluten-free menu that looked like this, I too needed to make a bold choice.

I chose the French Toast in all of its decadence.

I shouldn’t have looked, but the very first ingredient on the single serving package of maple syrup was syrup.

Not maple syrup.

Corn syrup.

I shut my eyes, shuddered, and poured it on.

When else was I going to have gluten-free French toast at a deli for breakfast?

The Husband enjoyed his traditional favorites as well.

Gluten-free for me.

After a hearty breakfast like that, we were ready to hit the city streets.

It’s a good thing we had hours to traipse through the city and work up an appetite, because lunch was only a few hours away.

You aren’t going to believe where we ate next.


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  1. Betsy says:

    Not thrilled about the corn syrup part, but the rest looks yummy! I just added it to my NYC trip bookmarks. Can’t wait to read more about your trip.

  2. just a girl says:

    I just ate there 2 weeks ago. A friend and I travelled to NYC and I planned all the food stops; we ate well!

  3. Aunt Pat says:

    You definitely make me so less gf concerned about going to NYC that I want to find a reason to go to NYC. With all your NYC experience, I suspect M & L would love a wedding package of all the gf places to try while they are there on their honeymoon. Now, would you start spending some time in Washington, DC?

  4. Oh, what fun! Oh to have corn syrup banned. It’s in way too much stuff. I bought the healthiest possible hot dogs for the “kids” for camping this weekend, the angus ones, and they (and all the others) contained corn sugar and other ridiculous ingredients. Don’t think we’ll be buying hot dogs any more. I would have eaten the “maple” syrup, too, but ugh. The French toast looks delish though. :-)


    • Heather says:

      Thanks for saying you would have eaten it too! I feel like I had the Shirley blessing! After our Expo, I’m going sugar free and dairy free this summer, so hopefully that was the LAST corn syrup I’ll have for a while!

      • Heather, I’m going dairy free and sugar free, too. I’m starting with a 10-day sugar-free challenge tomorrow: This challenge is truly sugar free. Then I’ll be on vacation with girlfriends for several days, home, and then have friends coming again. During those times I can eat refined sugar free though. Anyway, we can be each other’s support, dear! :-)


        • Heather says:

          I just checked out the challenge, and I’m afraid I can’t join in as I just put agave nectar in my coffee! I’ve eliminated white sugar and cane juice. That limits enough for me. :) Good luck! We’ll definitely support each other!!!

          • Hope I’ll last, Heather! Feeling it right now. :-( I know the first few days are the worst. After this is over, I may start keeping agave on hand. Do you find that it doesn’t make you want more like regular sugar? I haven’t used agave much.


  5. I love NYC and you are so right, it is a different pace! Just FYI I would have totally eaten the French toast with the syrup even if it was corn and not maple – after all what is French Toast without the syrup?

    I hope the rest of your trip is just as lovely :)

  6. Fredrik says:

    Nice read. I was there in Nov 2012 and their gluten free bread is really second to nothing. I wonder what gluten substitute they are using. Does anyone know?


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