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BrickTop’s: Gluten-Free Done Well

6 Comments 20 October 2011

BrickTop’s:  Gluten-Free Done Well

I watched this new building go up in my neighborhood.

I watched them hang this sign, and I couldn’t wait for them to open.

I saw the “Now Hiring” advertisement curbside and watched with giddiness as the staff came in for training.

(No, I’m not a restaurant stalker, this new restaurant just happens to be located right next to my local Whole Foods.  And I’m there a lot.)

(A lot.)

It’s not a unique phenomenon for a new restaurant to open in the Cool Springs-Franklin area.  And now that the McEwen area has started making good on their much-anticipated promises, this is becoming a hot retail, residential, and restaurant location.

But I’ve been watching the progress of this restaurant in particular, because I had a feeling that it would be good for the gluten-free community.

(And I couldn’t wait to dine on that super cool, outdoor, covered patio!)

BrickTop’s has locations in Atlanta, Charlotte, St. Louis, Naples, and Nashville on West End. I’d been to the West End location once, years ago, and I was thrilled that the server understood gluten issues.  I had just resigned myself to my default order…”I’ll just have a salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil on the side, and no croutons or bread, because I have a gluten allergy,” when the server’s eyes lit up and he explained that he too couldn’t eat gluten.

Fifteen minutes later, I had fish tacos on corn tortillas with extra corn tortillas to dip in my guacamole as an appetizer. (He had warned against the tortilla chips as they didn’t have a dedicated fryer.)

When you are taken care of at a restaurant, the experience is not long forgotten.  That one experience gave me hope that the new BrickTop’s had potential.

I was not disappointed.

Last week, we took friends to the new BrickTop’s at West McEwen Drive in Cools Springs, and I was pleased to see that they have developed a very extensive gluten-free menu since my Nashville visit.  From appetizers, salads, and sides, to steak, chicken, and fish, this menu contains something for every gluten-free diner to enjoy.

And every question that I had about specials, sauces, and the vegetable of the day was immediately taken back the chef to check on possible gluten-containing ingredients.  And more importantly to the return visitor (which I plan on being), I was not treated as a problem customer.  Our server was more than willing to assure me that my experience would be a safe and delightful one.

After much deliberation (isn’t it wonderful to have options?) I settled on the Atlantic Salmon with a side of Brown Rice and the Fresh Vegetable which was a delicious creamed cauliflower that I must replicate at home soon.

Tennessee is landlocked, and I’m a California girl who adores seafood.  If we want good seafood, we usually go to Bonefish Grill where the fish is flown in fresh and served with some of my favorite gluten-free sauces.

But I am convinced that this piece of salmon from BrickTop’s is the best that I’ve had in Nashville, or on the coast for that matter.

It’s that good.

And we definitely left room for dessert.

No, BrickTop’s doesn’t have a gluten-free dessert diet train wreck like Outback’s Chocolate Thunder from Down Under or Bonefish’s Macadamia Nut Brownie.  But this sundae shared with the Husband ended a delicious meal in style.

BrickTop’s was a delightful dining experience as a gluten-free diner.  (And our gluten-enjoying friends had wonderful meals as well.)

I’d highly recommend BrickTop’s for your next meal out.  They’re located at 1576 W McEwen Drive and serve customers Sunday through Thursday from 11am – 10pm and Friday & Saturday 11am – 11pm.

Cool Springs 615-771-8760

Nashville 615-298-1000

  • How does a restaurant earn your loyalty?
  • Where was your last successful gluten-free dining experience?
  • Do you give restaurants second chances?

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  1. Teachers Pet says:

    I might need to try this place. Thanks for the info. Sock and shoes required? :)

  2. Monday says:

    Wow! That looks great and I thought more people people in our GF community should be able to enjoy it so I emailed the following to Bricktop’s. Great find, but when are they coming to the west coast? Keep up the great work of spreading the word of the gluten-free lifestyle!
    Hello Bricktop’s, I run a Gluten-Free Blog called and noticed you had a large gluten-free menu featured on but did not see it online. The GF food items and menu she posted looked fantastic, but I did not see them listed on your website. Do you serve GF meals at all of your locations for all meals? How do you protect against cross contamination of gluten with all of your other great looking menu items? Although you are not in our area you would be of interest to a lot of our readers and I thought I would at least link to your site if you have some type of gluten-free information online. Thanks for supporting the gluten-free community.

    • Heather says:

      Thanks, Monday! It would be great if BrickTop’s put their gf menu online. I ALWAYS look online for gf menus before heading out to a restaurant. I look forward to checking out your blog too!

  3. Lauren says:

    At first I thought it was a gluten free train (exciting) but realize they were just informed, even better. I was a Maialino, one of our favorite NYC restaurants for a tasting menu. When the chef found out I didn’t eat gluten everything, that needed to, was adapted. If I loved the restaurant before, I love it more now. I’m so sorry you’re landlocked, that can be hard.

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