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Mexican Raw Foods Potluck

6 Comments 03 October 2011

Mexican Raw Foods Potluck

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of our Italian Raw Foods Potluck.  I’ve gotten behind on blogging lately, but as promised, I want to share our Mexican Raw Foods Potluck with you.  We had a small group, but what a fiesta it was!

I made Raw Veggie Fajitas with peppers, portobello mushrooms, zucchini, and red onions.  You need to find this recipe at Sweetly Raw, because the 12-hour marinade is out of this world!

Wrapped in lettuce and slathered with guacamole and dollup Lexie’s nacho cheese, these flavorful fajitas were wonderful!

Do you remember Lexie’s raw nacho cheese?  I used her nacho cheese recipe to make her jalapeno poppers, and I couldn’t wait to share it with my raw food friends.  Its delightfully creamy texture comes from the cashew base processed with red bell pepper, and the beautiful color comes from turmeric.  This cheese is a staple in our home now that we are dairy free.

Speaking of nachos, Diane outdid herself again this month with these flax tortilla chips covered with nut “refried beans”, jalapenos, tomatoes, nut cheese, and avocado.  What a platter of flavor!  I’d choose these nachos over the typical greasy corn chips swimming in cheese food any day!

Dallas’ Sweet Corn Tamales from The Art of Raw Living Food were a huge hit as well.  A little sweetness was welcomed as a palate cleanser amidst the other spicy dishes.

She also made this creamy Tortilla Soup which was rich and tasty featuring tomatoes, red peppers, pine nuts, garlic, and chili powder.  (The Art of Raw Living Food).  I am a hot soup girl, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the creamy cold soups from our potlucks.

A Mexican feast wouldn’t be complete without rice, but there are no grains in this raw rice dish,  Diane made it from cauliflower!

The raw dessert was definitely the best dessert we’ve had yet.  Dallas made these amazing Chocolate Walnut Truffles using The Chocolate Base from The Art of Raw Living Food. Rich, creamy, incredibly decadent with just a hint of spice, they were the perfect end to an incredible Mexican fiesta.

Every raw potluck we have is better than the last.  We’re learning from each other, sharpening our “non-cooking” skills, and revealing a world of flavors that come from pure raw foods.  Our next Raw Foods Potluck will feature Asian dishes.  If you’re in the Nashville area, we’d love for you to join us!  You can also join in virtually by telling me your favorite raw Asian recipes.  I need some suggestions!  What should I make?  Maybe sushi?

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  1. Wow, everything in this post looks amazing. I’ve definitely got my eye on those lettuce wrapped fajitas! Beautiful display of food. Wish I had been there! =)

  2. Maggie says:

    Rawamazing :) I can’t wait to check out that nacho recipe. Holy moly, that’s right up my alley :)

  3. That looks fabulous. It took me a long time to get with this whole raw foods thing, but after a month of eating raw, I love it and especially the Mexican recipes. I ate a lot of raw taco-like things that month. You have some great ideas for me to add to my raw repertoire even if I’m not doing it full time.

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