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A Gluten-Free Birthday from A Matter of Taste to Pala Pizza

6 Comments 11 April 2012

A Gluten-Free Birthday from A Matter of Taste to Pala Pizza

If birthday celebrations have any predicting power of the year to come, I’m in for 365 days of incredibleness!

The day started with a 15-mile training run in Nashville.  As the Husband pointed out, “That’s the furthest you’ve ever run and the oldest you’ve ever been.” I considered that to be a compliment!

On the way to the airport, we met a dear friend at A Matter of Taste for a few veggie sandwiches on the most tender, delicious gluten-free bread.  A Matter of Taste is now the only Nashville restaurant that makes its own gluten-free bread.  Sadly, our two other options (FiddleCakes and Aunt April’s Bakery) have recently closed.  Thank you, A Matter of Taste, for delicious sandwiches, and for providing vegetarian choices too.  Did you know that on your birthday, whomever you’re dining with has to order your second choice so that you can have bites?  (Or do I just have an awesome husband?)

Mediterranean Vegetarian – Eggplant, roasted red pepper, sun dried tomato, pesto & feta cheese

Vegetarian Melt – chopped romaine lettuce, tomatoes, avocado & provolone cheese with creamy ranch dressing

For more information about this delightful little lunch spot, see my first review of A Matter of Taste here.  A Matter of Taste is located at Franklin Road across from Thoroughbread Motors, and they’re open Monday through Friday from 11-3.  GO there!

Well fueled, were off to the Big City!

After a few hours of sitting on the plane, the effects of the 15-mile run on the legs reminded me that I had just gained another year.  So our tradition of walking the streets of New York to dinner was postponed until our next trip.

I’d been looking forward to Birthday Dinner at Pala Pizza for weeks.  Maybe months.  And sitting across the table from the love of my life on my birthday while awaiting the best pizza on the planet, gluten-free or not, was almost more than I could handle.

Pala has perfected the gluten-free pizza crust.  Made with a combination of garbanzo bean, tapioca, fava bean, potato, rice, and white sorghum flours, you would never believe this was a gluten-free crust.  And they bake their gluten-free pizzas in a dedicated oven, so you can be certain they are aware of cross-contamination issues.

Here are my Pala Pizzas from the past few visits.

Arrabbiata – Buffalo mozzarella, fresh cherry tomatoes, hot pepper, and garlic

Fungata – Porcini, portobello and shitake mushrooms, parmigiano cheese, mozzarella cheese, and rosemary

Romana – field mushrooms, tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, and fresh parsley

Three amazing pizza experiences, so you can imagine the agony in selecting something that we had never tried before.  We were very pleased with our choice.

Pizza Zucchina with marinated zucchini, goat cheese, cherry tomato sauce, mozzarella, and rosemary

We didn’t leave much behind.

But we did leave room for our favorite dessert.

Tortino al Cioccolato – Flourless chocolate cake with almonds and English cream

The next time you’re in New York, you must visit Pala Pizza.  They are located at 198 Allen St. between Houston and Stanton.  For my original review and photos of even more deliciousness, see this post.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!  From Nashville to New York City, it truly was a deliciously memorable day!

Readers, dish!

  • If you could eat at any restaurant on your birthday, where would it be?
  • What is your favorite birthday meal?
  • What is your favorite birthday cake?

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  1. just a girl says:

    I went to Pala last year, made my friend go with, and we thoroughly enjoyed the pizza.
    I did not know about the cake. Will have to go back I guess!!!

  2. Happy b day girl! I missed it. It looks like it was fun and I hope your year has so many great things to offer. I like to go for Indian or Ethiopian. My favorite dessert happens to be the very same kind you posted. Chocolate flourless cake. Nothing better!

  3. Thanks, France! Funny, we just celebrated the Husband’s birthday at an Indian restaurant. Yummy!

  4. Beth says:

    Happy WAY belated birthday Heather! I am so far behind on my blog reading. Since having baby, everything else has gotten put on the back burner!

    That latest pizza you had at Pala looks amazing! So glad you had a great trip.

    For my birthday in May, I’m going to Catbird Seat with 3 very good friends. Every year I choose somewhere different, but it’s always a tried & true favorite :-)

    • Heather says:

      Beth, I MISS you!!! Hope mommyhood is treating you well! I am so far behind on my blog reading too. I’d love to catch up with you!! Spin class isn’t the same without you, but the call of a mom doesn’t coincide with 6am class! Hopefully we can catch up at a NFB event this summer. :)

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