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Raw Bananas and “Cream” Oat Breakfast

5 Comments 18 June 2012

Raw Bananas and “Cream” Oat Breakfast

One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a smoothie.  But when my activities ask for a little more power, I love a raw oat breakfast. It’s easy to make, easy to digest, and easy to scoop and go all week.

I’ve shared my tRAWpical oat breakfast before, and this oat breakfast is very similar.  It starts with soaking grains to soften them and then pureeing them with other healthy ingredients to create a creamy oatmeal-like consistency.

Soaked oat groats and buckwheat groats

Some of you who are gluten intolerant are also sensitive to oats.  Thankfully, I can enjoy oats as long as I purchase them from a dedicated gluten-free facility.  If you are sensitive to oats, just substitute buckwheat groats for the oat groats.  It will have a nuttier taste but still delicious.

Raw buckwheat groats

Raw Bananas and “Cream” Oat Breakfast

by Heather



1.  Soak the oat groats and buckwheat groats in a bowl of water for 12-24 hours.  Drain, rinse, and add fresh water once or twice during the soaking period.

2.  Drain and rinse the oat groats and buckwheat groats.

3.  Add all of the ingredients to the food processor, topping it with the coconut milk, and process for 10-15 seconds or until it reaches desired consistency.

4.  Serve, season with sea salt, and top with fresh banana slices.

Serves 4

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  • Are you an oatmeal fan?
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  1. Amber says:

    Hi Heather,

    I’m so impressed with your raw recipes! I DO love oatmeal, but I’m afraid it doesn’t love me. Before I found out about the specific carbohydrate diet (for those like me with IBD) I ate oatmeal several times a week. I never made it raw, but enjoyed it cooked. I added some chia seeds, honey and a little applesauce. My husband eats oatmeal every morning and my kids eat it several times a week (I soak it overnight with a little ACV) for better absorption of minerals and digestion. :-)

    Have a great rest of your week!


  2. This is great I make a raw oatmeal but mine use flakes instead of groats. I love that you used groats to make ours. I don’t use buckwheat often enough either and this is a perfect time to start. I love raw oatmeal in the summer want hot is not really desirable.

  3. Hi fellow “Nourished” friend! Stopping by to say hi! This looks great! I really want to learn to add more ‘raw’ into my diet! :) This looks perfect! cindy

  4. Sophie says:

    I made this lovely healthy doorhing brekkie this morning & loved it so much, my dear friend. X

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