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Raw Foods Thursdays 9/20/12

15 Comments 19 September 2012

Raw Foods Thursdays 9/20/12

Did you know that September 12th was National Chocolate Milkshake Day?  Neither did I! But that’s why I love Raw Foods Thursdays. I always learn something new from you. Are you dairy free?  Sugar free? Well, even raw foodies can enjoy a chocolate milkshake when it’s made from raw cacao powder, vanilla, dates, and bananas. YUM! Thank you, Laura, for sharing your Chocolate Date Shake with us!

Last week must have been smoothie week, with my favorite smoothie ingredient…the banana. Because we also had this incredible Banana Nectarine Smoothie linked up by Allergy-Free Test Kitchen.

Thanks so much for your submissions!

While I love my raw foods, this month I’ve been experimenting with my food choices, and I’m finding that I need animal protein. I had a crisis of conscience when I made this realization.  How can I be so passionate about raw foods when I am now cooking and eating meat?  It comes down to this simple fact. I want to be healthy. I know I need high protein sources. I also know that the closer my food is to its natural state, the better it is for me. That’s why I will eat most of my fruits, vegetables, and grains raw or soaked  Not cooked.  But, yes, I’m now eating meat.

If you’ve ever been afraid to link up a raw recipe here because you aren’t a raw foodist, please let this be an open invitation for you to start linking up now! Raw foods are for everyone, meat eaters and vegans alike. Plus, it’s just great fun to find healthier ways to make some of your favorites from ingredients that come right from the ground.

Want to join in?

Here’s how you can participate:

  • Simply link up a raw foods recipe (see What is Raw Food?), mention Raw Foods Thursdays, and link back to this post so your readers can join in the fun!
  • Please link to the recipe, not to a blog’s home page, so we can all find your raw foods recipe.
  • You may link up a recipe that you’ve made in the past. Just make sure to share something different each time you participate.
  • Be sure to leave a comment letting us know who you are and what you’re sharing.
  • Feel free to use the Raw Foods Thursdays blog badge created by the lovely, talented Heather Peters!

What are Raw Foods Meals?

  • Plant-based meals that are not cooked.  Dehydrators may be used no higher than 118 degrees.  (The raw foods community has differing views on temperature, but the range is between 104 and 118 degrees.)
  • Raw Ingredients: vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, gluten-free sprouted grains, beans, and oils.

What isn’t raw?

  • Anything cooked above 118.
  • Anything processed.  If it comes from a can or a package that lists more than one ingredient, chances are it’s not raw!

This week I’m linking up my Green Ribbon Salad made with kale, spinach, zucchini, and apples.

What do you have to share?

Your Comments

15 Comments so far

  1. Peggy says:

    Peel and seperate a clemintine or orange, in place of the canned mandarin oranges in the Raspberry Spinach Salad to make it even healthier.

  2. Vicky says:

    Your Green Ribbon Salad looks delicious! Thank you for hosting! I shared my egg free coleslaw recipe today!

    Have a fantastic week!

  3. amber says:

    Hi Heather,

    Happy Thursday.

    This week I am sharing a few snack ideas. My kids love cashew butter and sunbutter. My daughter especially LOVES the cashew butter on celery. Both so easy to make at home and waaay less expensive. Also sharing one of my favorite smoothies. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend.


    • Hi Amber!! Thank you so much for all of your submissions. I so appreciate your support of Raw Foods Thursdays! I’ve never though of making my own sunbutter!

      I have several kids in my classrom this year with treenut and peanut allergies, so I can’t even bring my own favorite almond butter snacks into my own classroom. So I’ll be making your sunbutter recipe instead! Thanks so much for linking up!

      • amber says:

        Hi Heather,

        It’s my pleasure to support this great link party!

        I can imagine that’s so difficult having to leave out those tree nuts (that you use in your raw snacks or on salads, etc).

        I have a peanut allergy, but I can eat all tree nuts (and can be around peanut butter). But I know it can be very intense for some kids (can’t even have it in he air).

        You a have a fabulous weekend lovely lady.

  4. Thanks for featuring my smoothie! The banana nectarine smoothie looks great, too.

    This week I’m sharing an easy, fun frozen fruit pop recipe. It might be fall by the calendar, but it still feels like summer here!

  5. I forgot to mention, don’t feel too badly about having to eat meat as a protein source. I had to do that too starting at the beginning of this year. And as strange as it sounds I feel so much better. Sometimes you have to put your personal health first.


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