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Raw Cherry Cream Cups at the Balanced Platter for a Special Day

5 Comments 08 July 2013

Raw Cherry Cream Cups at the Balanced Platter for a Special Day

Tomorrow is a very special day, because I’ll be celebrating my 19th wedding anniversary! It’s hard to imagine that 19 years ago, two kids with lots of hair, madly in love, were ready to face whatever God had in store for them.

Actually, we weren’t all that open minded. We thought we had it all figured out and that life was in our control. If I had looked 19 years into the future, I never would have imagined that I’d be hunting for a shoebox apartment in New York City with my husband and a cat. By choice. I was so in love at the time that I couldn’t have possibly understood the deeper, truer, soul-entwining love that was ahead. The kind of love that makes you leave everything comfortable and safe to pursue a dream together.

Today is special too, because I am sharing a tasty raw foods dessert at The Balanced Platter. This is my anniversary dessert for my sweetie.

Hop over to The Balanced Platter today for:

  • This Raw Cherry Cream Cup recipe
  • Reasons why I eat raw
  • And absolutely nothing sappy or reminiscent about my anniversary!

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  1. Happy Anniversary, dear! Marriage is an amazing adventure; that’s for sure. 😉 And I LOVE these beautiful treats! If I had dates and cashews, I’d be making them immediately. Soon for sure! :-)


  2. Mom says:

    Happy anniversary, to you and the Husband. We wish an adventurous and another 19 years of love and happiness

  3. Wow… little tears just sprang to my eyes. Hearing you talk about your husband is so very touching =) You guys sound so happy together – that is fantastic that you found each other, it was obviously meant to be.
    Congrats and happy anniversary!!!!

    ps. You do not look like you could have been married for 19 years!!!!!

  4. Seriously, I need to visit you for some of these treats! Thanks for sharing at Gluten Free Fridays! :) YUMMMMMMM

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