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Sweet Popeye Nectar: Day 6

6 Comments 08 January 2014

Sweet Popeye Nectar: Day 6

It’s Day 6 of my New Year’s Juicing Challenge, and I’m off to work, armed with several bottles of juice, of course.

How’s it going? Really well, actually. Right now the Husband is juicing with me, so that makes for more time in the kitchen, but he’ll be finished in a few days which will obviously cut the kitchen time down.

I’ve fallen into a rhythm which looks a little like this:

  • I start each day with my normal concoction of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon in a quart of warm water. (If you don’t already know the health benefits of this simple daily ritual, google it. It’s a powerhouse of health!)
  • Then I make 3 different types of juices for the day. I store them in mason jars and transport them to work in recycled bottles.
  • Breakfast is a variation of The Morning Zinger consisting of grapefruit and ginger. I’ll be sharing my favorite variation next week.
  • At least one of the two other juices is a leafy green juice featuring kale, romaine, or spinach, because leafy greens are one of the most concentrated sources of nutrition.
  • Throughout the day, I drink a glass of juice when I’m hungry and then follow it with a glass of water. I end up drinking juice about every 2-3 hours (which also means lots of trips to the bathroom).
  • It’s nice to have something thicker to drink in the evening. I’ll share recipes soon for my Spicy Avocado Soup and Cashew Hemp Milk.
  • I feel good enough to do something active each day like a long walk or yoga. This is not the time for running, spin class, or a pushup challenge.
  • My caffeine habit has almost been kicked. I’m down to 2 cups of green tea each day. Take THAT, coffee!
  • I get tired earlier in the evening, which just means I go to bed earlier and get more sleep. Nice.

Now for a juice recipe!

It’s no wonder that Popeye’s green of choice was spinach as it’s filled with nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, specifically vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium. It also has loads of chlorophyll, which combined with iron is great for detoxing the blood and increases it’s oxygen-carrying capacity. Spinach juice is also good for brain function, which apparently I need after my pigeon hallucination yesterday. Spinach also has anti-cancer properties, specifically in the cases of breast, skin, stomach, ovarian, and prostate cancers. Cancer has a hard time growing where there are high levels of chlorophyll and carotene. Go, spinach!

So you may want to have a spinach salad today, or try my Sweet Popeye Nectar for something a little different.

Sweet Popeye Nectar

by Heather


  • 1 5 oz. box of spinach (4-5 cups)
  • 2 cucumbers, peeled
  • 3 apples
  • 1/2 lemon, peeled
  • 1 large handful of parsley


1. Juice all ingredients.

2. Serve.

Makes 3 1/2 cups of juice


Readers, dish!

  • If you’re juicing, how is it going?
  • Have you ever tried juicing spinach?
  • What is your leafy green of choice?
  • How do you like your spinach?

This recipe was shared at Minimal Ingredient Mondays, Gluten-Free Wednesdays, Raw Foods Thursdays, and Wellness Weekends.

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6 Comments so far

  1. Heather says:

    My juicer doesn’t do greens that well so I tend to save them for smoothies.

  2. Emma says:

    So pleased to hear you’re doing well Heather. Sounds as if you’ve got it all worked out.
    I don’t have a juicer but love the sound of the spicy avo soup and cashew hemp milk. Looking forward to seeing those recipes :)

  3. Maggie says:

    I am so impressed Heather! I don’t know if I could do a juice cleanse. Why? Because of the crazy amounts of produce you’d need! Amazing! Can’t wait to follow along and be inspired. I’ll try to aim for a one day juice cleanse soon :)

  4. Sounds like it’s going really well! It’s nice that your hubby is juicing with you =)
    The green juice sounds awesome Heather!

  5. Erin S says:

    Thanks for linking-up to Minimal Ingredient Mondays, Heather. I love the sounds of this juice! I’m featuring it this week :)


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