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What to do in Snowy Central Park

5 Comments 05 January 2014

What to do in Snowy Central Park

Many of us have had lots of snow and bitterly cold temperatures lately. Old Man Winter is hitting hard this New Year. We got 6 inches of snow last Friday, but I was very impressed with how quickly NYC shoveled out. Since it was our first substantial snowfall in the city we just had to explore Central Park once the temperatures rose back to double digits.

What is there to do in Central Park on a snowy day? It turns out, you can do a lot.

You can go sledding.



You can build snowmen.

Snowman_Gluten-Free Cat


You can make snow angels.


Or decorate the trees.


You can play snow football.


Or snow soccer.


You can pick a snowball fight.


Or just see how far you can throw a snowball.


You can play tug of war.


You can walk on snow-covered paths.


You can see the sites.


Or just enjoy a peaceful moment.


You can eat a nut.


Or just be one.


This is my backyard.


Can I have a ride home too?


Readers, dish!

What do you  like to do on a snowy day?

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5 Comments so far

  1. Adorable post! I love how much you are enjoying NYC! :-)


  2. Emma says:

    So beautiful! It looks like so much fun too. We rarely get snow- it’s been raining almost non-stop for the past 2 weeks though!

  3. kat says:

    I loved all of the photos of fab Central Park and seeing you enjoy life in your new exciting city. How exciting!!

  4. I am fortunate enough not to have to deal with snow (I did for the first 30 years…). Since moving to California a year ago, I have to admit that I do not miss it one bit. BUT your pictures are beautiful =) And it looks pretty fun actually.

  5. Debi says:

    So lovely! And the pictures actually make me want to be IN the snow…even though I hate snow! 😀

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