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Fitness in New York City

4 Comments 11 May 2016

Fitness in New York City

Staying fit in New York is both ridiculously easy and ridiculously hard. It’s easy because there’s a gym on your way to just about everywhere, racks of CitiBikes line the streets at convenient intersections, a serious bike path parallels the Hudson River on the west side, and there’s this really huge park (you may have heard of it) called Central Park a block and a half from my apartment. Easy fitness, right?

Frisbee in the Park

Frisbee in the Park

Yoga in the Park

Yoga in the Park

But some days the City is your workout. First of all, New Yorkers walk everywhere, and with that comes challenges. Slogging through buckets of slush at intersections that rise unsuspectingly to your knee caps. Carrying grocery bags for blocks on every arm crevice from your elbows and wrists to pinky fingers. Sprinting for the subway station, because the app says your train is arriving in 60 seconds. Walking endless flights of stairs to get, well, almost anywhere, because Manhattan can only expand up or down. All of this exercise is just part of life. And there are days and weeks when just the simple act of living wipes you out, and an extra spin class or treadmill run just isn’t going to happen.

This morning, exercising was easy. Ok, a 6:00 am run before school isn’t ever really easy, but when you have this view the entire time you’re running, the pain is a little more palatable.


The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park is gorgeous any time of year, but Spring is definitely a favorite.

The Reservoir in September

The Reservoir in September

The reservoir while stretching

The Reservoir early this morning

Okay, you can do this.

Psyching myself up

And we're off

And we’re off


Finally in the groove

Reservoir 6_Gluten-FreeCat

1.66 miles of this…as many times around as you can handle


Rounding the bend



Shadow Selfie

Shadow selfie feeling accomplished

What’s the biggest obstacle to exercising that you face?

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  1. Kathy says:

    OMG! I absolutely LOVED your post! I live in Chicago so I can SOOO relate to what you shared. Currently I’m in the process of moving (locally) so with my schedule changing everyday I am finding the only way to fit my yoga/mediation in to get up earlier and get to bed a little later. Not really great but I find on the days that I sleep in or don’t practice I am way off my game. So I do find it worth and I remind my self this is only temporary. Thank you with all my heart for your beautiful inspirational post and incredible photo’s! You are so awesome, you made my day :)

  2. You live near Central Park?! That’s so cool!!!
    I’ll be honest – I’ve never heard of the Reservoir, but it is most definitely beautiful. I could see that motivating me to run 😉
    I think exercise anywhere can be easy & difficult, it depends how you look at it. I’d have to say living in California in general makes exercise easier as it doesn’t get particularly cold and it’s easy to be outdoors all year round.
    I’m one of those weirdos that loves to exercise, so I’m lucky I don’t normally face challenges unless I get injured.
    Love the pictures gorgeous girl!

  3. Wow, beautiful photos! You’re lucky to have nearby green and natural spaces to counterbalance the concrete jungle. 😉 And I totally agree that living in NYC is a workout unto itself–walking/subway everywhere, carrying groceries, etc. I was up for a day trip just a couple of weeks ago, and I swear I got in 15,000 steps a day just getting places!

    As for my biggest workout barrier? My feet. :-/ They give me trouble a decent amount of trouble; luckily I live close to a YMCA with two pools, so I do a lot of swimming!

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