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Gluten-Free Sidewalk Joy

5 Comments 05 June 2016

Gluten-Free Sidewalk Joy

I love hand-lettered menu boards and sidewalk art. In fact, some day I’m going to share a post of all of my favorites. Maybe it’s the teacher in me that misses actual blackboards. These brightly-lettered chalk boards are colorful, quirky, and if they mention anything about a gluten-free item, my heart does a backflip.

It was flipping for sure when I saw this sign.
Menu_Board_Gluten-Free Cat

No, not the turkey burgers.

Check out the bottom.

If a local restaurant provides gluten-free bread, you’d better believe I’m going to try it.

The trouble with being a gluten-free vegetarian is that most restaurants that offer a gluten-free bread option only have meat patties or meat fillings for their sandwiches. So I’m extra excited when there are veggie options too.

At Island Burgers & Shakes on the Upper West Side, I was pleasantly surprised to find several vegetarian options and some pretty delicious sounding salads. But I had to order a sandwich to try out that gluten-free bread. It wasn’t vegan, but it was vegetarian and oh so scrumptious, and I didn’t have to pull an apple out of my purse while my friends at their burgers.


Mozzarella, Pesto, Tomato, Onion Sandwich at Island Burger

Readers, dish!

What was your last fun food find?

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  1. I love those sidewalk chalkboards, too! Especially the ones done that nicely. Perhaps it’s because I’m a former teacher. 😉 I’ve looked hard to find a good spot for a chalkboard in my kitchen, but so far it hasn’t happened. I’d use chalkboard paint, but I don’t want my kitchen to be darker than it is now. Anyway, your sandwich looks wonderful. What a treat!


  2. Vicky says:

    Your sandwich looks awesome, what a find! I also love blackboards both inside and outside restaurants, I think they make the restaurant so welcoming and also I like the fact that nothing is permanent. I remember when we were at school everybody wanted to wipe the board.

  3. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing your uplifting post, glad you had an incredible lunch and yes I can see why you would be drawn to their signage as their calk board menu art was beautiful done! Bravo!

  4. I love chalkboard menus too! I’ve seen some really good ones =)
    I love finding places that serve gluten-free bread too! Unfortunately they don’t tend to be vegan. And sometimes they like to tell me they are vegan and then tell me after I’m done eating that it had eggs in it.

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