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Stitch Fix and a Fashion Show!


Stitch Fix and a Fashion Show!

10 Comments 26 March 2014

I rarely write non-food related posts, but I wouldn’t share this if I didn’t think this might be of some interest to you. In fact, I’m hoping you’ll love this as much as I do.

Let me tell you a little secret about myself. I hate shopping, especially clothes shopping. I’m terrible at it. And while most girls shop for fun, for me it’s drudgery. I’m usually unsuccessful at finding the perfect outfit unless I have a patient friend with me. And it usually leaves me feeling exhausted and so badly about myself that I swear I’m going to wear sweatpants for the rest of my life.

Then I met Stitch Fix.


And my stylist has made all the difference.


Yes, I now have a stylist. It’s not because I’m wildly rich or famous. It’s just because I signed up with Stitch Fix to receive shipments of wardrobe items that my stylist thinks would work for me. Back in December, I answered an online Stitch Fix questionnaire so my stylist would know a little bit about my style, preferences, body type, and personality. I signed up for a date that my first Fix would arrive, and it showed up right on time to spruce up my Winter wardrobe. I loved almost everything that they sent, and every time I got a compliment about an outfit I was wearing, I realized that I was wearing a Stitch Fix item.

So I signed up for a Spring Fix, and it arrived today!

Opening the box feels like Christmas morning. Or my birthday. And since my birthday is this week, I was hoping I would find something fun to keep.


Each box is packed with 5 items that I have the choice of keeping. I try everything on, experiment by mixing and matching the items with clothes and accessories that I already own, and then decide what I want to keep.


I thought I might do a little fashion show for you with the self timer on my camera. Then I realized that without a tripod you were going to see all of the special things about my apartment. Like the pot of water on the radiator as a make-shift humidifier. And the gobs of cords wiggling their way to my technology.


So I enlisted the Husband to take a few shots.

Here were the items in this fix. (This is Heather in the raw, post-school day, too excited about her Fix to even stop for a smudge of lipstick.)


Henry & Belle white jeans and a Yumi green tunic


A cobalt 41Hawthorn long sleeve knit


Sassiness not included.


A Lilly maxi dress


And a classic silver Pixley necklace

The Fix even comes with style cards that give tips on how to mix, match, and accessorize.


Why do I like Stitch Fix?

  • My stylist chooses items that I’d never try on if I saw them on the rack. And most of the time I love her choices.
  • If I don’t like something, I let her know by giving feedback online so the next Fix is more successful.
  • There’s really no need to try on multiple sizes, because Stitch Fix has my measurements.
  • The clothing is reasonably priced.
  • The box of goodies comes right to my door.
  • Everything I’ve purchased so far can be worn in a variety of ways.
  • Anything I don’t want is placed in a self-addressed, postage paid package and dropped in a mailbox.
  • I can order a fix any time I want. (Note, since Stitch Fix is becoming so popular, some dates are unavailable.)

If you decided to give Stitch Fix a try, I’d love it if you’d use this referral link. I get $25 off my next fix for every friend who gets her first Fix! You will too!

Readers, dish!

  • Which items should I keep? I have 3 days to decide.
  • Have you tried Stitch Fix? What was your experience?
  • What’s your least favorite thing about clothes shopping?
  • Where do you find the best fashion luck?

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